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Cliff Walton    13 February 2012 15:26
Peter, spent some time looking through your web site again. I always find something new and it's good to read the track events section so I can relive the memories. You're the only guy I've been on track with where we can drive 10/10ths and I know I can trust you 100%. Too much fun. We need to do another track event soon!

derek    12 June 2010 23:28
i really like everything you have done with ur merk i just bought an 88 with 59000 oringinal miles on it and was looking into doing a little work to and moding it but also making it a daily driver. i live in berkeley springs wv. not far from summit. any help or info or refferences that you could give me would be great.
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Hey, thanks for the note! I don't keep this site nearly as updated as I used too... the car is quite a bit different/better than the projects listed here.

You should check out HypeRFest this coming weekend at Summit Point. I will be there working Timing and Scoring, and I might have my car if I can find time to do some work on it.

Stay in touch and good luck! They are great cars.


Matt Culpepper    05 May 2010 09:35
Great Site!

My name is Matt and I have a 10 sec 2.3 mustang. I found this site because your location on TF was listed as Harrisonburg. I grew up in Luray and just moved to hburg. If you are still in the area shoot me an email and be sure to check out my page http://www.stinger-performance.com/bolton.html

Andrew    03 May 2010 10:05
Hey man I really like your website, and I like your merkur even more. I was wanting to know what size and wall diameter tubing you used for your roll cage. Thanks

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