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Written by Peter   
Friday, 25 January 2008
The less I need these, the better...

Many racing bodies require Tow Hooks for vehicles. They are intended to be used if (when) the vehicle goes off course and cannot make it back on under its own power. It is nice to have specific tow locations that are easy to access so that the tow drivers can hook up easy (considering that most often they are out there during a hot track).

Additionally, the driver isnt' allowed out of the car, so the car is at the mercy of a tow truck operator that doesn't know about your car. If there is an obivious tow hook, the chances of further damage are greatly reduced.


For this, I once again turned to by buddie Dan at Valley Precision. Using a waterjet machine, he cut out the hook that we designed. It's 1/4" steel, then powder coated.

The XR has a great anchoring point on the front. I used a 5/8" Grade 8 bolt to secure the hook to the frame.

For the sticker, I ordered part number TOW-A-DOWN-Red from Pegasus Racing. I then cut a piece of white vinyl and used it as the background for the sticker. I think it turned out well.

Getting the vinyl to stick to the bumper was a bit of a process. I sanded the area smooth, but not so smooth that I went through the gray paint. Once it was smooth (1200 grit sandpaper smooth), I cleaned it with paint thinner and then rubbing alachol. Then, I used Duct Tape to test the stickiness. Once I was happy, I applied the vinyl.

For the rear hooks I am going to use the stock locations for now. I just painted them red and put a sticker pointing to them.


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