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Written by Peter   
Monday, 23 February 2009

What do you get with two fast XR4Ti's and VIR? 


Alison, Cooper, and I left Thursday evening for this three-day event.  We slept in the truck Thursday night thanks to our toasty warm and super comfy camping platform built in the back.  It was 23 degrees outside when we woke up Friday morning but we had to turn the heat down twice in the back of the truck!


XR ready to rock!


This was my first track event in nearly two years.  I had new brakes, new pads, new stance, new alignment, used R-comp tires, and a new ECU, so I had an good idea that the wekeend woudl not be without excitement.  Sure enough, first session of the day, my alternator dies.  Totally unrelated to anything new on the car!  Nonetheless, a trip to the parts store and a new altnerator later, I'm back out for the last session of the day.  The car is handling great, is faster than it has ever been, and I have a feeling it's going to be a great weekend.  Cliff Walton and Dave Godfrey arrive around 4:00 after their nine hour road trip from Georgia.  We say some quick hello's and it's off to the KArting Track for the 1 hour Twilight Karting Enduro!


Karting Action


I was actually part of two, two-person teams at this enduro.  The first team was Team Hottness, composed of me and Alison.  She started for this team and did GREAT.  She did not spin the whole time she was out, and she passed a bunch of people!  I started for the second team, Team Madison Motorsports, composed of me and DJ Fitzpatrick.  I was able to move through the field and get is into second place behind a duo of jr. karters that were really moving.  Around 20-25 minutes in, I pitted and DJ took over.  Then, Alison pitted and I took over for that team.  DJ did great as well and maintained our second place position, fighting off pro racers from NASA that were pressing hard.  I had a great time as well batteling for our teams.  In the end, Team Hottness secured a solid 4th place spot and team Madison Motorsports held on to a hard fought second place!  The first place team beat the rest of the field, including us, by three laps!  

Showing some MM Pride


Sautrday was an outstanding day.  Huge thanks to Cliff, Dave G, and Dave L for their help in getting my car ready.  We had to fix a leaking power steering cooler and rig up a solution to a bad strut, and both were done with very little help from me.  Since I also have to work Timing and Scoring, I can only be at the car about 10 minutes between sessions, and having those three fill in the blanks really made the weekend fun.  


First off, never challange Cliff in a straight line battle.  His V8 will leave you wondering where he went.  My 2.3 kept him within reach, but he could pull me at any gear!  I'd see 130-135 on the back straight whereas he was topping out at 150!  We both got quite comfortable with VIR to the point that the only cars passing us were the corvettes.  Coutless people came to our cars throuhgout the day in the paddock to see what made them tick, and it was fun to share stories and see who the true car guys were that remembered the XR4Ti.  

Finally our cars had enough fun.  Mine lost spark during the second to last session of the wekeend, and Cliff's lost 5th gear on the final session.  All in a good weekend though, and both were able to limp back to the paddock under their own power.  

Soon we'll have some video up from some great shots taken by Cliff's bullet cams, but for now all I have are some pictures taken by my wonderful wife Alison.  




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