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Written by Peter   
Tuesday, 05 February 2008
A bunch of videos for your viewing pleasure. 

Chad's 2000 Mustang GT and ALL it's crazy mods

Saunders' new Subaru WRX!! Another seemingly innocent friend falls victim to the power of a Turbo!

Madison Motorsports as brought to life by my roommate, Gerald

G2 Motorsport - 2.0L 16V Cosworth Turbo Merkur Drag Car

WRC Highlight Video - A very nice compilation of WRC Highlights to the tune of Linkin Park.

WRC Crash Video - A wild and somewhat disturbing video of clips of rally crashes. One, sadly enough, features a Serria RS 500!

Chad's Mustang GT's History - A cool timeline of Chad's mustang's buildup. I like this because I've bene either under, inside, or behind the wheel of a lot of these clips!

Saunders learning to drive - I had to put this one up here Saunders!

A cool Honda commercial - even for a honda...

Imagine you are cruizing down a landing strip in your car at approximately 110mph. Then, a Cosworth Escort passes you going 78.5 miles/hour faster then you. Can't imagine that? Then click Here to see what it'd look like!

Serria RS500 goofing around

New Ford GT (GT 40 by my pref) Video

Ford GT(40), Mustang GT, and new Cobra Commercial

Another good WRC Video (Large file)

Chad at VIR - In Car View, good video!

A 2.3L Turbo SVO doing a wheelstand!

A funny Euro commercial for the Ford Sport Ka. (No animals were actually hurt)

Here's Turbo power for you - an F-350 (extended cab!) that'll do a 11.42 sec quarter mile!

Rafting trip highlights video that I went on with some friends. I took the DVD that we bought and edutued it so that the only clips shown where of us!

A Mustang doing so pretty good street driving while getting chased down by cops

An old school Mini with some mods and a great driver.

Top Gear - RS500 Test Drive

Rally Sierra footage

Youtube link to the Cars at Carlisle Merkur Clip

Cars at Carlisle 2005, Merkur Clip (21 Megs)

Cars at Carlisle 2005, Merkur Clip (5.5 Megs)

AI Race Start

#72 Accident


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