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Written by Peter   
Monday, 04 February 2008
Alison's First Autocross!

After much effort, I was unable to get my car going for this AutoX. This time, fortunately, it wasn't due to mechanical problems! I just didn't get the parts I needed quickly enough.

Anyhow, enough complaining - the good news is that I still got to drive! My sweet girlfriend was good enough to let me thrash her Miata around the course. I missed the boost and the handling, but it was fun nonetheless. It was actually pretty easy to drive, minus the quick breakloose of the rear end.

Also in this AutoX was a friend adn neighbor, Dan, in his Honda Prelude. He loves his car and we all decided it was time he really started driving it. It is the Black Prelude in the pictures. Dan is the gentleman that has been the integral piece of all the Powdercoating I have done to the XR.


his AutoX was held at CloverLeave Mall in Midlothian, VA (Near Richmond). It was about two hours from Harrisonburg. Nice lot, a little dirty, but it was pretty big. The course was in a large "L" shape, allowing for two cars on course at a time. It was a fast course with some tricky decreasing radius turns. They let you know pretty quickly if your car understeered!


A Ferrari
A Lotis Elise
Watching the Volvo take out the curb - and his suspension/steering on the passenger side
Beating the Ferrari, in a Miata!
Watching as Dan became hooked

More details of this event can be found on the MM Forum.


Without further adue, here some pictures and movies!

Movie 1 - Credit to Scott
Movie 2 - Credit to Scott
Movie 3 - Alison Tearing it up
Movie 4 - Alison finishing her run

A .Zip of all these pictures and movies can be found here.






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