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Written by Peter   
Monday, 04 February 2008
Burnt some rubber and cracked a header!

Enjoyed a weekend at Summit Point WV, Main course, this past weekend. It was awesome!

Rolling a Z06, two times in 3 sessions.
Rolling several other corvettes, a 944 turbo, two STi's a WRX and an EVO.
Not getting passed the entire weekend (until my brakes died, see below)
Getting promoted to Group 2 Solo

Not so high - lights
Cracked my header, again. Wastegate tube does not like the heat. This time
I just put a T-bolt clamp around it and drove anyhow ;-). It didn't seal
completely, but at 11psi my turbo still boosted easily. Time for some

Lost my brakes, completely, while going in to T-10. Dummy me ran out of
rear pad, so far that the piston popped out of the caliper. So, all
pressure and fluid that would have otherwise worked to create movement on
the remaining 3 brakes took the path of least resistance and promptly exited
through the now 1.5" hole that used to house the piston. Note that it is
possible to take that turn at a very high rate of speed using an early apex
and an uuuuuuugly line while having no brakes whatsoever. However, I
wouldn't recommend the feeling of having the seat sucked up your rear that
results from such experience. So, not about to get towed off the track, I
made it around the rest of the track w/o brakes. Good practice though!

"other than that" the car ran flawlessly. I have a new DG radiator that was
spectacular (thanks Dave L!), the car didn't exceed 210 degrees all weekend.
(As comparison, while not driving the car as hard with my SAAB 900 Rad, the
temp would exceed 250.) I'd wind it up to 7k rpm in 4th by the end of the
straight (@125mph) and the temp wouldn't' move. It was really exciting!

SO, what's next (For the car)?

Rear brakes.
Fix the stupid header, again.
Change the gearing in the tranny so that I have a useful (as in "trackable")
1st and 5th. Higher 1st, lower 5th.

Rollcage, Seats, and Harness.

Looks like it's going to be a busy (and expensive) winter!


And now, the pictures!

This first set is from Euroimage. Check out their site at www.euroimage.us. Jim Rathbun, the owner, takes some great shots and is happy to do custom work for you. He goes to a lot of Mid-Atlantic track events so look for his trailer and tell him Peter said hello!






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