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Written by Peter   
Monday, 04 February 2008
Speeding in the snow!

What? A track event in Feburary? Yep! And I have pics of the snow to prove it!

Two of my track friends, Chad and RJ, got their competition license this weekend, congrats guys! I'll be there by the end of the season hopefully!

It was an eventful weekend. Saturday it snowed nearly all day, which made for very interesting track conditions. Although the snow was not sticking to the track, the result was a cold track, cold tires, and standing water. I could barely get on the throttle until 4th gear without spinning excessivly. The tighter the turn, the more car controll skills it required.

On Sunday things dried up and the track was great. The XR was missing badly though, so I pulled into the paddock. Popped the hood, tighetened some things, took it for a test drive, and WHAM, forgot to latch the hood pins. Darn! Shattered the windshield and bent the roofline.

So, I just pulled it onto the trailer and called it a weekend. Alison and I did Timing and Scoring for the 2 hour enduro that afternoon, and then we headed back up the road to Harrisonburg.


This first set is from Euroimage. Check out their site at www.euroimage.us. Jim Rathbun, the owner, takes some great shots and is happy to do custom work for you. He goes to a lot of Mid-Atlantic track events so look for his trailer and tell him Peter said hello!

Yes, that IS SNOW that you see....




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