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Written by Peter   
Monday, 04 February 2008
Welcome to Kershaw, SC! The 6 hour trip from Harrisonburg wasn't really that bad. The F-150 pulled the XR and it's new trailer great. 360 miles later, we rolled into the track, 5th in line to get in the gate at 5:00. The weather was predicted to be pretty wet this weekend, so we came with full rain gear. Set up the "EZ-up" canopy, unloaded the car, parked the trailer, and tucked the setup in for the night. But wait! SC needed to welcome us as well, so it gave us a spectacular display of it's power. Quite possibly the most awesome thunder/lightening/hail storm in which I have ever been. I sat in my truck as other folks scurried around trying to button down their hatches. Lightening was striking closer than 1000 yards from us, hail was covering the ground, and an 8" deep stream had formed in front of our paddock spot. Wow!

There were TWO, count them, One, Two, XR4ti's at this event! The other was my buddy Cliff Walton from Atlanta, GA. He brought his awesome stroked 302-V8 powered XR. Nothing like a 350 WHP XR4ti to make the rest of the field nervous!

Cliff had a camera mount on his rollbar, and I had a camcorder, so we got some sweet in car footage. I'll post it below.

Saturday was a beautiful day. Had the same misfire problem I'd had since VIR in Feburary though. I thought I had figured it out earlier that week, but found out otherwise. Some last minute troubleshooting found that the alternator had given up, so I made the 20 minute trip to the nearest Advance auto, traded the alternator (Lifetime warrantee), got back, installed it, and was only 30 seconds late to the 3rd session of the day. The XR was awesome after that!

Sunday it rained ALL day. I got to the track around 6:15am to beat the rain. I managed to get all of my stuff packed up before the rain began. Driving in the rain is pretty cool as long as one can keep their foot out of the gas. It really teaches car contorl, and what the car will do on a given line at a much lower speed.

I actualyl forfited my 3rd and final session in favor of hitting the road home 2 hours earlier. I arrived home at 9:30 instead of 11:30, and after a full weekend of driving and cars, those two hours made a big difference.

By buddy RJ won both of his races in Honda Challange 4, and my other buddy Evan got second both days in Spec Miata. Congrats guys!

It took me the entire next Saturday to desand and unpack everything.


The first thing one will notice about CMP is that it is _______F L A T____!

I'm used to Summit Point and VIR, both of which have some really fun elevation changes. CMP is so flat that they mark the turns with virtle white posts so they can be seen in time to turn!

Fun track though. Fast, hard on tires and brakes, but fun. There are two "pucker" turns, 8 and 9, that are 80-120 mph turns. Hang on!


Couple of videos:







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