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Written by Peter   
Sunday, 03 February 2008
No more wet truck!

Taillight Gasket Replacement

If your trunk is wet after a carwash or a good rain, and this project has not been performed, try this! The gasket that seals between the plastic taillights and the metal body gets old and looses it's ability to flex and conform to the car. Any gaps allow for water to get in. This does several things:

1. Gets your trunk wet! So the smell soon follows, as does rust later on

2. Facilitate corrosion of the light sockets (Turn, brake, etc.)

3. Allows mold and scum to grow in your lenses.

It's a simple project and the effort/results ratio is good!


I don't really get in to listing tools required because to each his(her) own regarding tool preference and availability. If it is ever something really special, I'll list it.

I purchased the new gaskets from BAT at around $25.

The nuts that hold the lenses are on the inside of the car. Raise the trunk and then gently pull up the carpet that is on the rear-most wall of the car - Where the jack is located. This carpet is designed to lift, so just be careful and it'll be fine. Be sure you get the carpet as far out of the way as possible.

Now, gently unclip the bulb holder. It is the white (I think) plastic "back" to the lenses. There is a clip on the far end of each one. Gently tilt it outwards (longways) and then it should come out.

Next, get your socket set (a long extension sure is handy here) and undo all the bolts. Once that's complete, the lenses should come out without much fuss.

While you have the lenses off, be sure to clean them up well. Use some good degreaser (make sure it doesn't eat plastic).

Another good idea is to clean the bulb sockets with some contact cleaner and a brush, then replace all of your bulbs since you are in there.




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