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Written by Peter   
Sunday, 03 February 2008
Away with the T9!

High Horsepower and a T-9 (stock XR 5 speed) transmission don't mix. The T-9 is a smooth european transmission. From what I understand, it's actually meant to have a very shot pause at neutral between shifts. A combination of higher-than-factory horsepower and a driver that likes quick shifts would have caused a dismal end for the T-9. Rather then blow up a perfectly good T-9, I decided to swap it for a Cobra T-5 while the engine was out!

Since this was my first time messing with a transmission, I went with the T-5 swap kit from Rapido. It comes with a T-5 transmission from a Mustang Cobra, the proper bell housing, the mounting brackets, speedometer adapters, and instructions. As the parts arrive I will update pictures.

I opted for a B&M "Ripper Shifter" short shifter because I love the feel of a tight, quick tranny. This was purchased from Summit.


had the option of choosing my gear ratios in this transmission. I will end up with a 3.9 viscous LSD, and so I opted for a 1st gear ratio of 3.35:1 for my first gear, and a .68:1 5th gear so that I could drive comfortably on the highway. I'm a little worried that 1st gear will run out too quickly, but I'll subdue that fear until I actually drive it. No doubt it will be a neck jerker though!


I choose a Centerforce dual friction clutch get the power to the transmission. 

Here are some pictures:




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