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Written by Peter   
Sunday, 03 February 2008
I started out wanting to restore my original headlights, and then moved on to face reality and got a set of Serria Euro headlights for the XR from OPMD. A little on the pricey side, but with the lights come new brackets and the correct lenses for left had drive cars. Or maybe it's right hand drive cars. Whatever side America uses!

I started this project with the goal of being the first to get the original headlights REALLY clean. I knew there were some great plastic treatment products out there, but I couldn't get inside the headlight to really apply some pressure. So, I got out the dremal tool and began experimenting on a used light I got off eBay for $5. I gently cut the seam of the light and actually removed the lens from the reflector. I was then going to reattach it with whatever appropriate glue I decided upon.

In principle everything went fine! The lens came right off, and I could get as much pressure as needed to try to buff up the lens. I found that none of my normal cleaners would get it very clean. I decided to spend about $10 more on this project before I abandoned it, so I got some plastic treatment from Advance Auto. It actually did a pretty good job, and the lights were MUCH cleaner then they were when I started. The thing was, in the end, they still looked old. And once you've seen a set of Euro lights installed well, there's just no comparison.

And so, I set the restoration project aside and purchased some euro lights. This was fine because I quickly discovered that to properly mount the RS500 Intercooler that I'd have to get the euro lights anyhow. They bend around the IC beautifully, as you can see from the pictures.

Installation was much more difficult and labor intensive then what I had assumed it would be. I had to COMPLETELY remove all metal supporting the old lights, and I even had to remove some of the reinforcement bar holding the front part of the engine bay. Then, I welded the new brackets in to place, and made sure I had a lot of nice deep welds so that the system was as strong or stronger then the old system. With some hard driving in this car's future, I don't want to crack any welds...

You have to remove the rubber that mates the grill to the headlights. This is done by drilling out two rivets, and it comes right off.

The pictures should tell you the rest! 


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