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Written by Peter   
Sunday, 03 February 2008
Fuel volume should never be a problem now...

High HP is achieved by many things, not the least of which are more air and more fuel. To run the 55lb injectors that I'll be using, I had to get more fuel to the engine. I accomplished this by installing a Walbro 255Lph fuel pump in the tank of the car, and removing the in-line tank under the car.

I purchased the pump from J.D.'s Performance, and used the directions on Chris Anglin's site as a guide for the install.


This was a pretty straightforward project. Basically:

1. Remove the tank

2. Remove the existing in-tank pump assembly

3. Replace that pump with the Walbro

4. Cut the old wires, drill a hole for the new ones, and seal it well

5. Extend the wiring from the old inline pump to the new in-tank pump

6. Remove the inline pump and run the fuel line straight into the filter.


Lets see, notes on this project. I blew out the lines with my air compressor, then ran some fuel system cleaner and then some "drygass" through them to make sure I got out all of the old gas. I also blew gas all over my digital camera, and watch as the LCD slowly died. That was pretty sad. If my picture quality starts diminishing, its because I'm limited to a viewfinder and I can't really see if I have the camera on Macro setting or not!

I am going to go back and put a rubber grommet around the fuel line that goes into the fuel filter. I didn't have one at the time and so I just stuck it through the raged hole I made (didn't have a large enough drill bit.)

In hindsight, I think I would have used the old wiring that went from the tank to the pump, and retrofitted the plug to run back to the inline pump's wiring - as opposed to drilling a new hole.

I held the new pump in place with some stainless hose clamps. I also set it just below the lowest point of the level sensor so that I had a little bit of reserve.

All in all, the toughest part was getting the tank out!




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