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Written by Peter   
Sunday, 03 February 2008
Making room for the intercooler piping

This project has two generations.  The second is working WAY better than the first. 

Here's Gen 1:

So that I could better plum the intercooler, and because I wanted to play with the engine a little, I decided to move the alternator from the top right side of the engine to the bottom left, where the AC pump use to be. In theory, this isn't so bad, just put the alternator in the old AC bracket, use a belt, and it's done. In reality though, it took a little thinking.

The first obivious challenge that I noticed was that the origional XR alternator didn't fit in the AC bracket. I contemplated as to weather I should modify the bracket, or adapt an alternator. I didnt' want to weaken the bracket, so I set off to find an alternator. I used the alternator from an 89 escort, after rummaging through the boxes at my local Advance Auto. It was very close to fitting (see pictures), all I had to do was remove the pivot bushing and modify the pivot holes. The pivot bushing came out pretty easily with the aid of a hammer and an extension to my socket set. I canged the holes with my ghetto drill press.

A fellow online Merkur buddy pointed out that keeping the alternator tight mibhg be a problem, so I devised a pretty neat tension system. I took an eye-bolt and welded a coupling through the eye, so that I could use a long threaded bolt to tighten everything down (again, see pics).

I found a belt (size TBA when I remember to look) that fit, and with the aid of the tension system, everythings great!



Gen 2:

Well, the old AC bracket just couldn't tolerate the heat, stress, etc, of its new purpose.  I ended up going through two of them and broke the second.  

So, I designed a new bracket, and then took it to my buddy's waterjet machine.  It is a really simple bracket.  It consists of two pieces.  the bottom piece hold the bottom two bolts of the alternator.  I then have a top piece that controls the belt tension.  I have to snap a few more pictures and will post them as soon as possible. 


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