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Written by Peter   
Tuesday, 22 January 2008
New Seats to keep me in place!

85xr.com!Now that I have a Cage it's essential that I'm strapped in properly. For seats, I choose a Sparco Circuit for the driver and a Sabelt Racer2 for the passanger. The driver got a Scroth Profi III-H 6 point harness, and the passanger got a used Simpson 6 point latch link harness.


The Driver's seat was installed at the same time as the cage. My only real role in this project was fitting the seat, as in sitting in it to make sure it was the right height and distance from the wheel/pedals. We wanted to get this seat as low as possible and so you will see a few modifications to the cross beam. Big thanks to John at Kearney's for showing me how it's done!

Once we got everything finished, I had the bracket powdercoated since I had some time to spare.

For the Passanger seat, I embarked on the project myself. I'm very happy with how it turned out. While it isn't as fancy nor is it powdercoated, it looks good and is every bit as solid as the driver side. Since I wasn't a "spectator" on this project there aren't as many pictures...





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