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Written by Peter   
Thursday, 31 January 2008
Lowering and Stiffening

After I got the new engine installed, it was so much ligher than the origional that the front was abotu 2-3" higher than it used to be! And that's with the BAT -25mm lowering kit! So, I purchased a set of 350lb Eibich springs and a little kit from Dave at Hartwood Automotive. This kit allowed me to transform the current front suspension to a true adjustable coilover suspension. It also delivers a very tight ride, just what the doctor ordered for the track.

All I have for now is the front suspension. Eventually, I'll get adjustable shocks and also do rear coilovers. In time...

This was a very easy job! With the help of Chad, we removed the origional front McPherson struts/shocks. Once the origional (well, SPAX -25mm) springs were off the shocks, we put a metal coller ove rthe shock and then the coilover sleve. Next, we used some supplied large rubber o-rings to sure up the fit between the sleeve and the shock. From there, we put on the new spring (350lb!), the bumpstop, and then the top place. We did not use the origional large spring top plate that was on the origional springs, instead we used a new top cap that came with the kit. We put the berring and top cap back on, tightended everyhting down, and we were done!

Because I know I'm going to be doing some spirited driving, I watned to be sure the spring and the top cap stayed together. We used some saftey wire to hold the cap to the spring. There were holes in the top cap that worked great for this, and we think they might be there for just that reason.



 I have since blown out the SPAX shocks and am now runnign Koni Yellows with 400# springs.  Still unhappy with the handling, so I will embark on more modifications and adjustments.  I will post the continuing development here when I find the pictures...



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