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Written by Peter   
Thursday, 31 January 2008
Becasue 260 degree oil temps are not good...

We eliminated the traditional oil cooler system on the engine for two reasons:

1. It didn't cool well enough for a racing engine
2. It heated the water!

 I started with an oil cooler from Summit Racing. It came as a kit, but as all kits go, it required a little modification. After a lot of thought about which way the oil flows, we got it on and put it together.  It came with a sandwich that moutned between the block and the oil filter.  It took some work but we did get it on.  However, after a good warm day at the track, I was still seeing 260 degree oil temps.  That is just too high for me.  

 So, I upgraded to a Mocal oil cooler and a Mocal sandwich.  This is a really REALLY nice piece.  It was expensive but it is much cheaper than a spun berring.  On a 98 degree day at VIR, my oil temps never got above 210 after a 30 minute session!  I purchased the oil cooler from BAT.  

We mounted the oil cooler in front of the intercooler using two custom brackets. We tried to leave some air between the cooler and the intercooler so that we could get the heat dissipated as quickly as possible. I also ported the ports of the sandwhich.  There was a lot of extra "flange" left from the casting process.  Using a die grinder I opened this up tremendously.  While I was at it, I installed braded lines and AN fittings.  



The above images don't illustrate the final product.  But, you can see the amount of metal that was blocking the flow.  I started by drilling a hole as a guide, and that is appearently the last picture I took...   

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