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As my never ending search for Merkur-related information proceeds, I will share my findings with you!


The Merkur Club of America

The MCA forum

The MerkurSport Forum

The International Merkur Owners Network


OPMD - A pretty good selection of Merkur Parts. I ordered their coolant hose replacement set and it was fine!

BAT inc - Some like 'em, some don't. I haven't had too much trouble, and would reccomend them

Rapido - Ask for "Russ." Their prices are a bit high, but they're very knowledgable.

North American Cosworth Specialists - these guys are just getting going, but have a lot of great parts for the XR!

Racer Walsh - 2.3L Race Parts


Cosworth Escort Group A Rally Prep Manual

NASA Pre-tech Checklist

My collection of fastener charts

My somewhat large collection of pictures of various parts of my engine in both stock and modified stages.

Pocket PC 2002/2003 XR4ti Theme
Made by me!

Fuel Injector Part Numbers

3-Way Boost Controller Modification

A pretty good Vacuum Diagram!

Merkur XR4ti Lettering

Merkur Badge Logo

#2 Race Car Merkur

Ford Engine Weights

Ford ECC-IV Pinouts

A neat interactive marketing program that Ford produced. You can compare the XR with a Supra and a few other cars. (Don't worry, it's Virus Free!) You need WinZip or another extracting software to use this.

A picture of a nice black XR identical to Mine! Taken at Carlisle 2002!

A great writeup about brakes

Merkur Encyclopedia - without this hundreds of XR's wouldn't be running

Merkur Owners Group - an amazing compilation of fellow Merkur owners. This is an amazing resource. But be forewarned, do not join if all you plan to do is take - you will deplete the resources! Post as well!

Merkur Club of America - a national collection of Merkur owners, a great resource, and links to Carisle 2003!

Merkur Desktop - A very extensive list of links and info!

Rapido Article - As scanned by Ed Cushing

How to rebuild a not-so-bad steering rack

T-5 Tips

S.E.M.A. Website, with some pretty gnarly engines and cars!



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